Samsung Business Partner

c2mtech is a Platinum Partner and Authorized Reseller for Samsung business solutions. Recognized in 2015 for becoming the largest Samsung Business dealer by revenue in the United States, we design Samsung systems for any size office environment.

c2mtech deploys a team of certified technicians and business consultants on site, to be your technology team or work with an existing IT department. c2mtech integrates Samsung products together, creating the ultimate conference room, classroom, smart office or retail environment. In 2015, Samsung published our joint case study on an integrated Samsung technology solution at the International Leadership Schools in Dallas, TX.

c2mtech is also an authorized repair center for multiple Samsung products regardless of purchase origin.

The Samsung technologies implemented include digital and VoIP systems, telephone handsets, everything needed for enterprise internet access, audio visual solutions and Samsung/Google Chromebooks. Find out more about each Samsung solution we implement below.

c2mtech designs voice and communication solutions for small, mid-size and enterprise businesses, reselling the entire Samsung voice catalog. See the full scope of our services including Samsung VoIP and digital offerings.

c2mtech designs fully integrated conference rooms, retail environments and office buildings. Cabling, telephone and audio visual components come together to enhance workforce productivity or engage customers.

c2mtech provides Samsung Unified Communications through software applications supporting the OfficeServ phone system and call management software. Learn more about Unified Communications on the Samsung Website.

c2mtech is a leading networking and communication partner with Samsung, deploying enterprise wireless LAN solutions in any business environment. Learn more about Wireless LAN options on the Samsung website.

Why Samsung

Although NEC and Avaya are well known in the telecommunications industry and have dominated the market for many years, these brands have failed to innovate and provide a quality product. At c2mtech, we are constantly searching for the best solutions for our customers. Samsung is the premier choice for business technologies for the same reason many consumers flock to the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone: reliability, compatibility and innovation.

7 Reasons for c2mtech + Samsung

  1. c2mtech is the largest authorized retailer of Samsung Business Solutions in the United States
  2. c2mtech and Samsung have a history of success for clients. Download our case study.
  3. c2mtech receives the lowest prices on Samsung products in Texas through a strategic partnership and quantity discounts
  4. c2mtech provides services including repair and upgrades on all Samsung business devices regardless of purchase origin
  5. Certified technicians install multiple Samsung products, custom to your work environment and seamlessly integrated together and with your existing technologies
  6. Business consultants and network engineers work with you or your IT department to determine the best technology to cost outcome
  7. The job is never complete after installation; c2mtech works with staff to provide training and support long after installation.
Samsung business partner


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