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A: You can have as many staff as you like. They just need to be present on the day the session takes place, which is directly after the system is installed.

A: When you choose c2mtech, you choose a full support service. At first, you will receive a system training showing you how to operate the system, transfer calls, hold features and voicemail. However, we also offer a fully tailored training program to suit your needs. The advanced training really gets deep into the system, showing you how to do the more valuable things like add/moves/changes and basic programming functions, a worthy investment at a small classroom fee.

A: Conference calls are really easy on the phone systems c2mtech provides. If it is important to your business you will be shown during your hands on professional training for the phone system.

A: The technicians installing your solution are handpicked, fully accredited and authorized, and have extensive hands on experience with whichever brand you have chosen to have in your business.They are polite, punctual, and will ensure you system gets installed in a hassle free and timely manner.

A: All the products we supply and install are covered by full manufacturer’s warranties (1 – 5 years). You also have the option to buy a c2mtech in-house warranty.

A: Once we have your agreement form we begin the process. The entire process takes 2-14 working days as we are very thorough.

A: Just give us a call at 1-877-c2m-tech, or email [email protected]
Let us know what the problem is, when you first experienced it and who the best person is to deal with it in your organization for troubleshooting with our technical department.

A: When we tailor a solution for you we allow for future growth. As your company expands, so can the system you choose. Contact us to discuss the options available.

A: Most phone systems will allow for these actions- newer phone systems have flash-based memory which will store all the data.

A: You are covered by a full manufacturer’s warranties which range from 12 months to 5 years and cover defective parts. c2mtech also offers a Protection Plan for ultimate assurance on your phone system. This covers labor/service fees outside the warranty as well as guaranteed response times and service level agreements. We are also happy to introduce you to satisfied customers and show you work we have installed and let you hear how reliable our customers think we are.


  1. Massive selection of leading phone system brands
  2. Hassle free installations.
  3. Expert advice
  4. We help you cut costs
  5. Easy payment options
  6. One stop shop
  7. Excellent customer service
  8. Full warranties

c2mtech is leading the way in communications. As a growth focused, award winning telecommunications company, we are the largest Samsung phone system partner in Texas. Many of our other partnerships give us bulk discounts that we pass on to you!

A: Unlike other phone companies where there are no guarantees – c2mtech takes all the risk for your peace of mind.

A: Whether you email us, or call 1 877 c2m Tech, our consultants adopt a proven and methodical process to guarantee you the right solution. It covers staff requirements, company needs, future needs, mobility, cutting costs and much more. It’s why our solutions are so successful.

A: Of course, just ask our customer service team and we can arrange a session. A session lasts between one and three hours, depending on your situation.

A: Yes, you will be shown this as part of the introduction training session and it is also in the manual you received as part of your introduction to your new system.

A: This really depends on what phone system you selected, sometimes it’s included and sometimes it is not, just ask your consultant what applies to your system.

A: In general your phone lines will be down about half an hour per phone, but the technician can always redirect the calls during that period to a staff member’s mobile phone, so that no calls will be missed. With today’s technology and c2mtech’s installation experience there should be no impact on your business.

A: At c2mtech we are a one stop shop.
We have solutions for most communication requirements:

  • VoIP
  • Network Support
  • Audio/Visual
  • Conference Phones
  • Voice and Data Cabling

This page contains info regarding: Phone Systems FAQs, PABX FAQ’s, PBX FAQ’s, and How do I know what telephone system to choose?

A: You don’t. This is why we give you choice with a huge selection of leading brands – Samsung and Avaya being among our top most requested with the highest satisfaction rating. Different phone systems have different strengths, weaknesses, features and costs. The right solution is the one that meets your specific needs and budget best. This is where our team’s phone system knowledge and experience makes a huge difference.

c2mtech offers all business phone system options from a variety of brands.



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