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It’s no secret, Fort Worth is growing and research shows at a higher rate and faster than Dallas. Many businesses are relocating from out of state, Dallas, Plano and elsewhere to Cowtown. Expansions and adding branch locations are also becoming important to reach a growing Fort Worth population.

c2mtech works closely with general contractors, commercial developers and business owners. Our team builds network infrastructure for new construction projects, provides riser management for office parks and retrofits headquarters with conferencing, IP phones and sound masking. If you’re looking for a partner in Fort Worth, rely on our 25 years of experience making technology easy! Our company has dedicated technicians and service managers that provide local support and fulfill maintenance agreements.

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Network Challenges in Fort Worth

1. Access to fiber is growing in Fort Worth, but isn’t as accessible as Dallas and nearby suburb cities in the Metro. Our company works with AT&T, Spectrum and other ISP’s on cabling connections and build-outs in high-rise offices to apartments. Extend fiber to where you need it,

We further consult with executives on available options, cost benefit analysis and bandwidth/speed comparisons. Our goal is to deliver fast data and voice connections to every workstation, employee and resident.

2. Many businesses are moving into existing office and retail space in Fort Worth that isn’t compatible with today’s open floor plan and Unified Communications. c2mtech has years of experience retrofiring historical buildings for internet, phone and conferencing systems. We work closely with general contractors in meeting budget and project timelines for reopening. c2mtech’s crews are available outside of work hours and on the weekends to limit distractions and network downtime.