Support, Service and Training

c2mtech provides ongoing support, service and training for all systems and products. Engineers are certified for installation and serve as experienced consultants to train and help staff.


c2mtech’s engineers go above implementation. Ongoing tech and help support is provided for telecom, AV and IT systems. Not only are engineers capable of implementing c2mtech technologies, they have years of experience using the same systems daily in c2mtech’s office.

With four decades of experience, many engineers have been involved in the telecommunications industry for 20+ years and are still c2mtech employees. Benefit from working with one of the oldest installation companies in Texas, where technicians have years of experience on extinct brands and complex analog systems to the latest digital and IP setups.

Maintenance Agreements

c2mtech routinely provides maintenance on all products. Often systems are covered under warranty, as a result, c2mtech would handle all coordination and vendor management. Maintenance agreements allow for set hours of support for many months after installation.

Schedule Technical Training

Whether at the completion of an installation, or months to years later, book professional phone, IT or AV system training at your office to ensure all staff fully leverage technologies. Call c2mtech to have an expert trainer on-site, provide in-depth instruction.

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