LifeSpan Medicine

Health Practice Transitions to Cloud-Based Unified Communications

LifeSpan Medicine is an integrative nutrition, holistic health, joint care and sports medicine practice. The company caters to the health conscious and is based in Los Angeles with offices in New York and Dallas. Communication is an important component to the customer experience and staff at LifeSpan. Staying connected with other offices and scheduling appointments were routine. Telehealth was becoming more common at the practice: connecting patients to a team of doctors no matter the location.

LifeSpan originally contacted c2mtech to install an on-premise phone system in the newly opened Dallas branch. However, after a full review of the company’s infrastructure, several factors made the case for a cloud migration to RingCentral:

  • LifeSpan was currently using Samsung OfficeServ in LA and New York offices. Samsung announced a sunset of the platform making future upgrades and employee growth difficult to support.
  • LifeSpan had difficulty finding reasonable vendors near LA and NY locations, support was expensive and time-consuming.
  • LifeSpan’s data cabling in each branch and internet speeds were compatible with a VoIP system.
  • The overall cost of phone lines, phone service and maintenance costs of the existing system was more than migrating to the Cloud. Cloud based VoIP is priced per employee, per month.

With c2mtech’s help, LifeSpan was able to make the case to management for a shift to RingCentral Cloud VoIP for all branches. Not only was it more economical, unified communication features would be available to the practice. Several of the new features include:

  • Secure SMS messaging via the RingCentral smartphone app, desktop application and phone application.
  • Auto attendant by employee and for fielding after hour questions and emergency support.
  • Different branches were using a mix of conferencing software: GoToMeeting and Zoom, these paid plans were canceled and now all employees are able to video and audio conference with RingCentral.
  • LifeSpan staff were previously using a mix of new to older Samsung digital phones. With the move to RingCentral, new Polycom handsets were installed at each office. Employees now had similar hardware and access to RingCentral’s unified communication platform.