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Few anticipated the pandemic’s long term impact on the future of work. After all, restaurants and bars have bounced back, many have abandoned their Peloton in favor of gyms and international travel is now available. However, as we get closer to 2022, it is becoming more clear how work in ... Read More
December 15, 2021c2mtech


There’s no doubt that Wi-Fi has changed our world. It is so ingrained in our everyday lives that there are 8 billion Wi-Fi-enabled devices in use around the world. As our lives become increasingly connected, the next generation of Wi-Fi technology is here and has many of us questioning whether ... Read More
July 1, 2021c2mtech


IT Solutions for Business Owners and Employees that Experienced the Texas Electrical Grid Outage The Winter Storm of 2021 has created many headaches for not only residents of Texas, but employers. While most offices had limited staff on site due to the pandemic, problems with internet connectivity and phone service affected ... Read More
March 25, 2021c2mtech
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There are now so many choices for office communication, it can become overwhelming (Slack, Teams, 8x8, Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, RingCentral, etc). Many companies were forced to choose quickly in 2020, as lock-downs and office closures became a reality. As a result, a few of these solutions became a ... Read More
February 1, 2021c2mtech


Chances are, the workplace has permanently changed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Many of your employees that already work from home won’t return to the office after a vaccine. Several tech giants have announced that employees can work from home indefinitely and most in the Fortune 500 will follow suit. ... Read More
October 14, 2020c2mtech


As the coronavirus pandemic swept the world, the way we lived and worked changed overnight. Companies with employees in the office everyday were suddenly forced to find ways for everyone to work from home. While businesses deemed “essential” have had to adapt to social distancing guidelines. In recent months, c2mtech has seen ... Read More
May 12, 2020c2mtech
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Telecommunications Firm Strengthens Mobile Signal Capabilities ‘Can you hear me now?’ is both a famous marketing slogan and a frustrating question to ask on the phone. Despite more than a decade of high smartphone adoption and years of development in cellular technology, signal strength is still a problem in many areas. ... Read More
November 21, 2019c2mtech


Visit Our Booth #613 This week from Wednesday to Friday, October 24-26, 2018; c2mtech will be in attendance at the Texas Charter Schools Conference. Learn more about our team's experience and technology solutions tailored for private charter schools. The annual convention for the Texas Charter School Association will be hosted in ... Read More
October 22, 2018c2mtech


The healthcare industry has been late in adopting technology. Only a few years ago, many medical facilities relied on paper files for record management, analog phone systems and outdated cabling infrastructure. Due to strong government regulation and compliance standards, healthcare is finally being transformed by technology. Hospitals and doctors’ offices can ... Read More
January 12, 2018c2mtech


As 2016 kicks off, those of us in the IT industry look forward to what the year will bring in business phones, networking and technology. Many of the trends from the last 5 years will continue for Dallas area businesses: VoIP installations, upgrades to wireless networks and a shift to ... Read More
February 4, 2016c2mtech